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Enrolment Schedule (Second Semester, AY 2019-2020) - BROWSE
Procedure on Online Enlistment/Enrollment (Students' Guide) - DOWNLOAD
Online Enrolment Process (Second Semester, AY 2019-2020)
Step 1 On your scheduled enrolment, sign in using your Student Number and Password.
Step 2 Enlistment
Download the detailed instruction here.
  • Enlist the courses to be enrolled this semester by clicking the Enlistment link.
  • Update your Personal Data Sheet.
  • You can add/remove/edit courses to be enlisted.
  • Once done, click "Submit for Approval".
Note: Wait for the approval of your Enrolling Adviser.
Step 3 For Students without Fees to be paid:
  • Proceed to Step 4.
For Students with Fees to be paid
  • Option 1: Online Payment
    1. 1. Pay your fees online thru https://epaymentportal.landbank.com
    2. Use the following details:
      • Merchant's Name: Mariano Marcos State University
      • Type of Fee: Tuition Fee
      • Mode: Full Payment
  • Option 2: Offline Payment
    1. Print 3 copies of your Form 5.
    2. Pay your fees at the Cashier's Office - FEM Hall (Admin. Bldg) - Batac, CTE-Laoag, or CIT-Laoag.
Step 4
  • Print a copy of your Form 5 and TES Form.
  • Submit the following on the first day of classes:
    • Form 5 to your department.
    • TES Form (signed by Parents only) to SSD Office - FEM Hall (Admin. Bldg) - Batac.
      • For CTE and CIT Students, submit TES Form to your Campus Registrar.

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